The strangest food in the world

The most unusual and strangest food in the world

In different countries and different peoples ideas of food – therefore the boundaries between edible and not edible is rather conventional.

Offer to your attention a series of grafi of the most extreme dishes. As for me, I would be nothing of the following just is not.

1. Start your post with this cute Peruvian women, throwing in a blender cleansed frog, to make frog juice (extracto de rana), considered in Peru a powerful aphrodisiac remedy which increases sexual activity.

2. To my great regret, but in some Asian countries eat dogs. O dog market in South Korea, where the meat of our “smaller friends” bought up by the owners of cafes and restaurants. Dog meat is a traditional food for many Asian Nations.

3. Vietnam is quite popular meat of rats. Usually Vietnamese people don’t eat grey flea-bitten rats of garbage dumps, which, I think, and now you came to mind when the word “rat”. They mainly eat field rats feeding on snails and grain.

4. This is going to cook a Peruvian dish of Guinea pig. These animals are considered a delicacy in Peru, as well as in many other regions of South America.

5. As soon as don’t eat snakes in Asia. Of them cook soups, fry, soar, and even drink their blood. Their meat is considered very beneficial to health.

6. Taiwan considered a special delicacy eggs and embryos Cobra. Taiwanese people believe that they have healing properties.

7. On the Indonesian island of Bali eat bats. The most common way of cooking – grilled or deep-fried. Also add them to the soup or simply stew their meat.

8. And this Chinese woman with gravirovani eating this penis. Whose it is is not exactly clear, but most likely a dog. The fact is that in China many restaurants serves penises from more than 30 different animals. They are considered to be extremely useful.

9. In Madagascar in restaurants as a “luxury food” served lemurs. Because of this, some species of these endemic animals are now on the brink of extinction.

10. And in Zhejiang province in Eastern China are considered a special delicacy-boiled in the urine of little boys chicken eggs.

11. While on one of stations of Kampong Cham province in Cambodia you can buy a couple of crispy spiders, seasoned with garlic. They then sell the numerous street vendors.

12. In many restaurants the Colombian city Barichara served the sauce, “culonas” made from a large variety of ants.

13. And this Saudi handsome man chews on pads of shipohvosty. Many in Saudi Arabia believe that the blood of this lizard can cure many illnesses and strengthen the body.

14. And continuing the theme of frogs: in Vietnam one of the most popular dishes is the frog in any form! Them there and fried and boiled and pickled.

Well, I will finish my “delicious post” the bold American woman, drinking the blood of a Cobra during the passage of the cursor of survival in the jungle in Thailand. During these courses the American Marines were taught to catch cobras and drink their blood.