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Quick and delicious salads
Quick and delicious salads . available from home-cooked seafood is sure to please your family and friends. Approaching March 8 and these salads you can prepare, quickly, and at the…

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Gotovim chicken Dishes
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Decoration of dishes

Decorating new year table

Decorating the Christmas table can be a little headache. Of course, the main decoration of the table are the dishes themselves.

On the other hand, the New Year this bright holiday that I want to see on the table is not only delicious, but also beautiful dishes.

Decorating is not easy, and requires imagination. Or “domestic preparations”.

How to decorate the dishes without any cost of labor and unnecessary expenses? Simple and beautiful.

I have tried to find such solutions.

Decorating for the New Year

The decoration is very simple.

For example, the bullfinch. You will need red pepper, olives and egg white. The decoration is quite simple. As a separate dish – maybe too simple. But if you can put a decoration on the salad… for Example, on the coat or Olivier, I immediately get a Christmas variant of the salad.

Christmas candle and tree fruit. Very simple. About how to make such tree is Photosmanual. It can be seen below.

This salad is nothing special. But, decorate it with sprigs of dill and green ribbon. Turned out the dish under the Christmas tree.

Interesting ideas canapes. This can be a fruits, and vegetables. Very bright and so festive. And is very simple.

Very simple and elegant Christmas tree. You can use as a separate table decoration, or as decoration of dishes.

Arrange lettuce in form of a cake – dish and immediately acquires a festive look.

Decoration Christmas dishes

A very interesting idea. You can’t use the green dye and mix the oil with finely chopped greens. Get Christmas tree in snow. But, that’s not for dessert. This is for canapés. And for dessert in the oil, you can add pieces of colored marmalade or fruit jelly.

Versions of Christmas trees from different products. Simple and delicious.

But the promised tree to the valve. As you can see, it’s very simple. You can make this decoration not only from fruit but also from vegetables, cheese and sausages, smoked fish, etc.

Very simple jewelry for any salad.

Lamb cauliflower. This will require some of the skills of the sculptor.

Sliced colourful fruits and green mint leaves. Turned out quite festive. And if you add sprigs of dill, there will be a Christmas theme.

It’s all very simple. But, as great harmonize with bright orange segments with roasted bird. A small touch, but the dish looks completely different. Oranges and tangerines are a symbol of the Russian New Year.

Very simple decoration of dishes. And the Christmas tree, and snowman.

And Christmas candles from peppers. If you take the multi-colored pepper, the candle will look brighter and more colorful.

Very interesting decoration in the form of a Christmas wreath. Very simply and very effectively.

And this salad I liked because of the simplicity of the execution of the ornaments. Really simply, quickly and beautifully. More dill and will mushroom under the pine-needles.

Candles of red and yellow bell peppers.

And Santa Claus does not require special skills. Only the desire to do.

Rolls-candles of cucumber. Now in stores appeared “greenhouse giants”. Here they make a great “glow”.

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Quick and delicious salads
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