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What to eat during Lent

What to eat during Lent

The beginning of lent marks the end of carnival .

Great lent is the longest and the strictest of all multi-day fasts in the Orthodox Church. It is especially important for believers, as is observed in memory of forty-day fast of Jesus Christ . soon after his baptism, retired to the desert.

Most important of many days of fasting, begins seven weeks before Easter and ends on a Saturday of Holy week.

Recently in our country there are more and more devotees to observe a strict fast and limit your consumption of mundane everyday meals.

How to eat during lent?

To chocolate during lent.

During the Great fast, it is prohibited the consumption of meat, poultry, all dairy products, purified (refined) flour, eggs, and fish.

During lent you can eat fish only at the Annunciation and palm Sunday.

Vegetable (vegetable) oil can be used only on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

Also during the holidays can use a small amount of wine.

For the modern man (layman), of course, is virtually impossible. Therefore, we restrict ourselves only in the quantity and quality of food taken.

Next, I will present a number of recipes for meatless dishes. who will be irreplaceable in your diet.

Meatless recipes for every day.

Attention should be given during the lent, the preparation is simple and has a little half-forgotten dishes.

First, prepare a vegetable soup or bean soup. the second sochivo (Christmas pudding), but restrictions in the choice of vegetable salads and does not exist.

Also not to forget the trail and that during lent you should carefully balance the power. As refusal to eat meat severely limits the intake of proteins.

Excellent alternatives in this respect can serve the mushrooms. beans. and pulse products and dishes from them.

In addition, the period of fasting in the diet are almost forgotten in the rest of the year vegetables and fruits, dried fruits, salad greens and other sources of natural vitamins.

An important component of the diet are various kinds of fruit drinks. mainly from fruits .

You should also not forget about the most versatile vegetable pumpkin, in which the content of vitamins and minerals is several times more than the exotic fruit

Of course it’s pumpkin. Cook the pumpkin with apples and dried fruit, and pleasure is not the limit. It should also be noted that the vegetable has a considerable influence on the correct functioning of the stomach and liver.

Oh and lastly, I would like to remind once again that lent is primarily spiritual purification and abstinence, and not another variant of fad diets.

Be healthy and happy.

And in the end as always several options of meatless recipes for every day .

A great option meatless loaf with vegetables. You can use cabbage, carrots, pickles. As a meatless loaf pita bread or rice paper.

The perfect solution for lunch. Hot vegetable soup with beans and warm and give force to.

The perfect solution of vegetable cabbage rolls with vegetable stuffing and rice with tomato sauce.

Excellent and very simple recipe of beans in tomato sauce .

Well, as in post without potatoes. Prepare the fried potatoes and serve it with tomato sauce or ketchup .

Well that you liked the recipes? Rather then offer to subscribe for the updates and. that would constantly be aware of culinary novelties?


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