The 12 most delicious food from insects

The 12 most delicious food from insects

Going to a far country, have you thought about what you may have to try local exotic dishes, to appreciate the unforgettable taste of crickets or boiled OS? Because insects, note, eat around the world, because they have more protein than chicken meat, and also contains iron, magnesium and other trace elements. Yes and enjoy it, you know.

Forbes selected 12 of the most delicious and popular dishes from edible insects.

Fried bamboo worms you can find on the shelves in Thailand . China and Latin America . The taste – the usual popcorn.

Barbecue from larvae of the beetle-barbel you will be treated in Eastern Indonesia . Tender flesh larvae will remind you the taste of fatty bacon.

Cheese with cheese fly larvae is traditionally considered an aphrodisiac and eaten with worms. But be careful: the larvae of cheese flies are well-developed jumping ability. This delicacy you will find in Sardinia .

Dried caterpillars of the mopane with onions . as well as smoked and marinated, sold in supermarkets and markets in South Africa . Their taste is comparable to dry wood or dried tofu. And if you decide to try raw caterpillars, you will feel the taste of the tea leaves. And don’t forget to tear off the caterpillars head.

The wasps are boiled with soy sauce and sugar for an exotic dish of Japan . which is stable demand in restaurants. They are sometimes served with beer in a Japanese taverns.

Silkworm, fried with ginger – delicate larvae, crispy outside tastes like shrimp or crab meat. Stores in Korea and China . Thailand and Japan you will find also canned silkworms.

Fried ants – the most popular after grasshoppers edible insects. In Colombia . for example, fried ants are sold in movie theaters instead of popcorn. This crispy snack has a sweet nutty flavor.

Water bugs deep fried gladly absorb in Asia: Thailand as a whole, the Philippines is taking the wings and legs, and in Vietnam from bedbugs make a hood for soups and sauces.

Grasshoppers with avocado is the ubiquitous food of Mexicans . Pronounced own taste grasshoppers do not have, but the taste of avocado in this dish.

With bedbugs with chicken liver pate you will also learn about in Mexico . Having a strong medical smell, because they contain iodine, bedbugs are somehow reminiscent of the taste of chewing gum “tutti-Frutti”.

Dragonflies in coconut milk – the real fast food, given the speed of their flight in a living form. To catch a dragonfly is not easy, but the inhabitants of the island of Bali, it turns out pretty neat.

Tarantulas, roasted in coals – “patent leather” brands – distributed in Cambodia . The taste is a cross between fish and chicken.