The most expensive candy in the world


Luxury chocolate pralines were created by the famous Belgian chocolatier Paul Wittamer together with the equally renowned jeweler Fabienne Lascar by. This little candy is a real piece of confectionary art.

For its creation were used dark ganache, caramel and ginger, and Packed it in wrapping precious edible gold. But the main “highlight” of this candy is a big diamond, weighing 3,63 CT. He decorates the upper portion of the candy. There is this chocolate diamond miracle $240 thousand

For those who prefer a budget option of chocolate and wants to try this wonder of culinary art, created another candy-pralines. Instead of a diamond it is decorated with zirconium. And this candy is much cheaper – only $26.

In Belgium create the best chocolate in the world

Belgian chocolate is considered one of the best in the world. It is the most diverse varieties and forms. Usually this high quality chocolate with a filling or offer them in the form of truffles, created with a simple continental chocolate. For the filling, Belgian chocolatiers often use spirits, coffee, fruit or nuts. Sometimes they are mixed with fresh cream.


The world’s most expensive pudding

Pudding is the national pride of Britain

Speaking about England, we always remember about this classic dish. It is interesting that originally the pudding was made from the remnants of yesterday’s dinner, which is filled with egg and bake in the form. The first recipe for sweet pudding was recorded in the XVII century cookbook Johnson, who proposed to make it of bread, milk, butter and eggs.

Of course, since the recipe for the pudding was highly modified. And now those desserts all the British have done a traditional holiday dinner. Much love in the UK is chocolate pudding. To the traditional chocolate festival is one of the famous chefs have decided to make a gift for gourmets.

The main decoration of precious pudding is a diamond of 2 carats

Recipes pudding you can think of many. But the original, of course, belongs to the chef of a restaurant in the hotel Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel, located in the North of Britain to Bowness-on-Windermere, Cumbria.

He invited visitors to his restaurant truly luxurious dessert. His chocolate pudding baked in the form of Easter eggs Faberge. The main part consists of four types of the best Belgian chocolate, whipped with peaches, oranges, champagne and whiskey, which added a bit of almond biscotti “La Gioconda”.

For decoration of this sweet dessert the pastry chef used a plate of edible gold. The main decoration of precious pudding is a diamond of 2 carats, which adequately replaces the usual dessert cherry.

Cake to order

To try one of the most expensive desserts in the world, you need to make a reservation at least 3 weeks. Interestingly, while there was no wish to try Golden pudding for $35 thousand So anyone who have this amount can become the world’s first gourmand, tried one of the most expensive desserts.

We already wrote that a champion among desserts ice cream was gold created in the UK in may this year, in honor of the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Luxury ice cream made with the finest ingredients placed in the Golden horn and added a gold bracelet and a gold spoon set with brown diamonds.

A work of high pastry art costs $ 25 thousand It was sold at a charity auction.

Still, the pudding was the winner in this kind of competition, becoming one of the most expensive symbols of the UK.