Best restaurants Copenhagen


National cuisine of Denmark is characterized by its originality and simplicity. It’s amazing how local chefs can cook many different dishes from the usual ingredients such as potatoes and fish. One of the secrets of national cuisine is the frequent use of herbs and spices. They are used in the preparation of all dishes. Even desserts here can be prepared without aromatic vanilla or cinnamon.

The local cuisine is sure to please seafood lovers. Absolutely favourite restaurant in Copenhagen offers its guests delicious fish, and all kinds of soups with seafood and salads. Pork liver is also the national dish. It is often served with crispy fried onions and red cabbage. Despite this, in local restaurants You won’t find exotic dishes of the national cuisine is very simple, but the dishes are equally delicious. Chicken with pineapple is perhaps one of the most exotic dishes that local chefs have to offer. Pork with prunes and vegetable salads are a popular dish. As for desserts, most visitors prefer the jelly of black currants, which, usually served with whipped cream. For lunch locals typically eat crispy pancakes and coffee. Their unique flavor can be enjoyed perfectly in any café. You will easily find restaurants with European cuisine. Lovers of this cuisine shouldn’t have to change your eating habits.

The most prestigious restaurant in Copenhagen – Era Ora. It was opened in 1982. The menu offers dishes from the national cuisine. Amazing Italian delicacies will be the perfect complement to a glass of quality wine. If You want to try national cuisine in its classic version, You can visit the restaurant, which is called Kommandanten. The menu is updated every two weeks, so every visit to this place is a pleasant surprise for visitors. Local chefs never cease to amaze visitors with its unique dishes. The restaurant Krogs – this is the best place where you can taste various seafood dishes. Also here You can enjoy the salads prepared by the chefs and You can enjoy traditional Mediterranean cuisine and exotic delicacies. Thus, the restaurants of Copenhagen are considered to be among the best in Europe.