Salad recipes for birthday

Salad recipes for birthday

Birthday is one of the most favorite family holidays, on which the hostess wants to show off in front of relatives of his culinary skills. If hot every family is often a traditional and it is rarely replaced by another dish, with a salad you can dream up. Salad recipes for a birthday can be very different, but the basic rule is this: because among the guests will be people with different tastes, attitudes towards food, it is best to please everyone and make different salads. Let some of them will be rich, and refreshing vitamin.

Not every woman can boast that in its Arsenal is a wonderful salad recipes that will appeal to all without exception. The fact that pleasing everyone just will not work, if the table will be two or three salad – someone was simply not eating smoked meat or sausages, which are very common ingredients, and someone doesn’t like mayonnaise, considering it is very a harmful product. With the proliferation of views about healthy eating, many refuse from complicated salad, in which mixed vegetables and protein products, dressed with mayonnaise. So how can that be, what should be the salad recipes on birthday? They should be different – made of fresh vegetables, variety of ingredients, including seafood and meat, seasoned sour cream, mayonnaise and olive oil – for all tastes and preferences! Not going to argue that you do a lot of salads is troublesome and expensive, however, it is possible to proceed as follows: prepare six or seven salads in small quantities. There is a definite plus – we will have nothing to eat tomorrow, and the table will be very elegant and different!

Very healthy salad with a wonderful fresh and tangy flavor is the Greek salad. For its preparation you will need 200 g of feta cheese (can substitute soaked cheese or Adyghe cheese, two tomatoes, one large cucumber, lettuce or parsley, one small red onion, olive oil (three tablespoons), salt.

Cucumber, cut into medium strips, tomato, too, the onion in thin half rings, greens torn into large pieces, cheese cut into cubes. Mix the lemon juice and oil, sprinkle with salt and allow to infuse. Add to the salad just before serving.

Salad “Vitamin”. On a large tray sections lay out thinly sliced fresh cabbage, beets, carrots, white raisins, pomegranate, walnut. In the centre we spread homemade mayonnaise made with fresh egg yolks and olive oil (add a bit of garlic) – it has no harmful substances and can eat without fear of gaining weight. Each mixes at ease all that was taken from a common dish. For the salad you need to take 200 g of raisins and nuts, one beet, two medium carrots, one third of male cabbage.

Salad “New”: boil one medium beet, a few carrots, two medium potatoes, take a pickle, a bit of finely chopped fresh cabbage previously pickled with vinegar, sugar and salt, polyanochke green peas. Cut all the vegetables into small cubes, add the peas and cabbage, grate two cloves of garlic and a little mayonnaise – get a very tasty and unusual!

Salad “Pineapple”: take 300 g smoked chicken breast, canned pineapple (300 g), 300 g boiled squid or shrimp, four eggs and some mayonnaise – all cut into dice and mix.

Salad “Ayesha”: finely chopped 300 g cooked white chicken meat, six cooked eggs, cut in half white grapes (50-100 g), grind walnuts or almonds (to taste), add 100 g of grated cheese and mayonnaise, mix well.