Delicious dishes from beets

Delicious dishes from beets

Will offer you a couple of recipes from this is beet, although many of the already prepared delicious dishes out of beets . Do preparations for the winter and use beets in the diet because many people like the salad on the Tarocco grated beets with garlic and nuts, isn’t it?!

delicious dishes from beets

For meals, you will need beets, teaspoon of butter cream herbs and spiced for the best taste.

To prepare the hazelnut mousse, you will need cream a hundred and fifty ml thirty percent and three hundred grams of peanuts. For sauce cherry take cherry and beet juice two hundred ml of honey and three spoons tablespoons, wine vinegar – two table spoons, one fruit of lime and salt to taste.

Prepare mousse nutty. To do this, fry the peanuts in duhovochku or on a dry pan, then letting it cool, shred it in a blender. Cream, bring to a boil, mix chopped peanuts, place in a blender and whip — delicious dishes from beets .

Prepare the sauce thus – Uprim on fire beet juice by half, and combine that with the well-warmed juice of the cherries, cool, add honey and mix up well. the mixture is then mixed with wine vinegar, salt and lime zest.

With beets, proceed as follows – carefully washing and obsesiv the right amount of roots, make the cuts on them, sprinkle with spicy herbs and wrapped in foil. put in the oven to bake until done. It will take up to two hours.

Ready baked beets cool, and while the center plates put a spoonful or two of peanut butter mousse, mousse then put the chopped svekolku and fill it with a sauce of cherries. Oh and delicious! If desired, you can add a salad and cabbage — delicious dishes from beets .

Offer the original salad of raw this is beet. Salad diet will be, but superbly tasty – try it! We need — a couple of carrots, beets and apples. one hundred and fifty grams of hard cheese, better Cheese, adjika teaspoon and refills take a choice – vegetable oil, sour cream, or yogurt.

Carrots and beets contains retinol, which is fat-soluble vitamin so is absorbed by the body better in “escorts” fatty dressings. After washing, air-drying and brushing the vegetables with the apples, grate the beets and carrots on the large Tarocco. Apples, freeing the core and cut into thin slices, the cheese is also on the Tarocco large grate.