The most expensive dishes in the world

The most expensive dishes in the world

Not so long ago we talked about the most expensive cocktail on Earth. to try which you will be able not everywhere. but only in some of the world’s best hotels. So how about cocktails we talked. not to touch upon the subject of the most expensive dishes you just can’t.

Actually a lot of them. but you will learn about the best. These meals and cocktails is also available far not everywhere. and some of them for very much money. They are worth it or not to solve to you, and possibly the final opinion you have formed after that. as read the article to the end.

Let’s start with Breakfast. and for Breakfast usually eat many omelettes. and as it turned out they are different. If you order an omelet you see in Photosgraphy. it you have to pay a thousand dollars

As for his cooking. it is composed of six hen eggs. lobster and three hundred grams of sevruga caviar. This expensive omelet you’ll be able to try at Le Parker Meridien. in new York city.

And interesting for these truffles you will have to pay a lot more money. For example the king of gambling games named Stanley Ho shelled out for a single mushroom 330 thousand dollars at an auction, and moreover the fungus is so he came to taste. that next year he bought another one.

If you think it is. the price not justified. it is not so. The thing is. that produce these specially trained truffle dogs and pigs. which take them out of the land. As you know truffles grow deep underground and to get them not so simply.

Of course. from these dishes you will want to drink. and to quench your thirst will help tea. called da Hong PAO. With Chinese it’s translated as “Big red robe”. For. to try this tea you will have to pay huge amount of money. approximately 685 thousand dollars per kilogram.

Why is it so expensive?- It’s his deficit. It grows exclusively in the mountains near the monastery Tianxin and make it from sheet of six bushes. The most important factor is the high price. what a year it is possible to collect only 500 grams. which of course is very small.

Well, this hamburger. which is called the FleurBurger 5000 is not like the regular burgers. which can be enjoyed in the popular restaurant chain and now you’ll understand why.

The Burger patties. which is made of Kobe beef with foie Gras. and all this covered with truffle sauce. Serves it serves it on a brioche bun with truffle. As for the cost. you should be zapotal five thousand dollars. and as a free gift you will bring a bottle of wine Chateau Petrus.

Well, as a dessert can be offered here is the “Golden cake”. moreover, it is Golden in all senses of the word. In the first place. its name speaks for itself. and secondly. in its composition in addition to black truffles from France. Polynesian vanilla beans. pears. figs with quince and apricots. which are marinated in Jamaican rum is added to 24 carat gold. which sprinkled it all treat.

Cake is served in a box made of silver. handmade and the price is the price of this pleasure is only a thousand dollars. To try this cake in the Turkish hotel Çirağan Palace.