The most expensive restaurants in the world

The most expensive restaurants in the world

In the glassed-in underwater restaurant serves caviar reef fish cost $ 600 per serving. In your opinion, is it expensive? Actually, not really. Here is a list of the places your taste buds and checkbook will never forget.

SubliMotion, Ibiza, Spain

Get ready to pick your jaw off the floor: a 12-seat restaurant at the newest hotel “the Hard rock” may 18 will be held the opening of the new hall, where a meal of 20 dishes for one person will cost $ 2 078.

Chef Paco Roncero has not shown the menu, yet, but we heard that the food will be cooking with the best chefs, suitable for cooking, as art.

Alain Ducasse at the hotel Dorchester, London

Currently run by Executive chef Jocelyn, which is the owner of the land on which it is built. Modern French restaurant has a team with an impressive salary. Visitors can enjoy a seasonal menu of seven dishes. It currently includes seared duck foie Gras paired with fresh herb pasta and morels. It costs about 301 dollars, however, the wine in this price are not included.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

The restaurant is located more than 5 meters below sea level in the Indian ocean. It is a glazed building, which cost about $ 5 million, pleases the visitors of the restaurant overlooking coral reefs and variety of fish as well as stingrays, sharks and other aquatic life. It is here that you can try caviar, discussed in the beginning of the article.

Restaurant Le Meurice, Paris

Alain Ducasse has always believed that the Versailles restaurant is the epitome of luxury, with antique mirrors and crystal chandeliers. And, of course, with the excellent collection of dishes. For 524 dollars you can sample three dishes (Guinea fowl with truffles, pie or veal sweetbreads with salsify). As there is a large selection of cheeses and desserts.

Maison Pic, Drôme, France

Chef Anne-Sophie has the distinction of being one of the six best women chefs in the world. Its unique menu cost 442 us dollar proves why she’s one of the best. Take an amazing culinary journey you can try juicy Bon Bons or a delicious watercress, and a moment to enjoy the meat of a goat marinated in aromatic herbs.

Two complementary principles of chef Masa Takayama in the same restaurant — it’s simplicity and magical taste of each ingredient. Meals cost $ 450, included in a tasting menu can be austere, but gorgeous in taste.

Per Se, New York

Despite the cost $ 310 for the menu, this temple of Haute cuisine is considered one of the best. Still, it’s worth the hassle (and costs) for visitors to try such dishes Thomas Keller’s “oysters and pearls”.

It is a place with a subdued atmosphere attracts meat lovers from all over the world. Price for food can vary from 284 to 341 dollars if you’re ordering a set meal.

The most expensive dishes in the menu of this restaurant are around $ 600. The chef in the third generation Kunio Tokuoka is preparing a series of elegant, seasonal dishes from local ingredients such as Japanese sea eel and trout.