Dumplings and potatoes

Dumplings and potatoes are the most expensive dishes in the world!

All those dishes that are the most expensive in the world, consist of foods that either grow in unusual conditions, or in order to obtain them people have to risk their lives or spend a lot of effort. Some of them even sold at auction. About the taste qualities of these dishes are difficult to judge. They tried a very limited number of people, and tastes decided not to argue. In the following list you can see what the most expensive dishes in the world. Certainly, today progress in all spheres moving with colossal speed, and this list can change daily, however the food included in it are worth to know about them.

The most expensive dishes of the world

The first step in this list are the original blue-green dumplings, which also emit light. Therefore it is interesting to eat in the dark during a romantic dinner. Even the candles don’t. Lovers of this dish are rich Russian immigrants. For them, these dumplings are cooked in one of the restaurants in new York city, and as a stuffing gland use fish-torch, which inhabits the vast ocean depths. This dish can so far only be found in this school. Naturally, it tops the list titled “the Most expensive dishes in the restaurants of the world”, and for the price the portions are large, consisting of 16 pieces, is 4400 USD.

Truffles and dishes made from them, are the leaders of our list. However, unlike the previous dishes in the list of “Most expensive food in the world” the specific price of a product does not exist. These mushrooms, which are dug from the ground by specially trained pigs, the piece sold at auction. And the price therefore depends on the amount that they agreed to pay the chefs of the most prestigious restaurants. The largest sum ever given for this mushroom, was 30,000 euros.

The pizza in the world is considered affordable dish. It can afford almost all segments of the population. However, there is a kind of pizza that can’t afford even some of the rich people, because its price ranges from eight thousand euros. It is, of course, cook at home of all pizzas – Italy, and it is called “Louis the Thirteenth”. In the composition of its toppings include lobster, caviar of different varieties, lobster and shrimp and cheese using Buffalo mozzarella.

Finding this product in the list of “Most expensive food in the world” at first sight will seem ridiculous. Because the domestic market can be bought for a penny. But there’s a special variety of potatoes in the world sells for 500 euros per 1 kg. This variety is called – “La Bonita”. Grow this potato variety on the island Normate. They say that he possesses an unearthly taste, and in this case the high cost is due to the exceptional taste of this vegetable.

The fifth in the exclusive list of “the Most expensive dishes in the world” marked marbled meat cows, Wagyu. And these animals live in Japan, where they receive special care; as these animals drink during the day give beer and sake, and the quality of the food – choice of juicy grass. Today those cows are also bred in Australia. Marble meat costs up to 1000 Euro.