A selection of festive recipes

Throughout life, fortunately, is held every year a large number of holidays. In our country it is customary to celebrate holidays in the family circle, for the magnificent and richly laid festive table. On the table were always original and interesting dishes, you need to know how to make the menu.

Needless to say, goose the desired degree of tenderness and juiciness after cooking, turns out not all of the cooks, the bird is quite problematic. However, no wonder the roast goose is a festive, with proper preparation, it really is a real delicacy, and with a whole range of nutrients.

I familiar with childhood Apple pie, a lush aromatic Charlotte, many very different from each other recipes exist. In every country cook it differently. We are used to a soft sponge cakes with apples in America prefer crumbly shortbread dough. In England it’s more of a pudding made of apples and bread, and in France – a fine Royal dessert with butter cream. I hope that you get the most delicious Apple cake, a recipe from (step by step, in the oven) which you will find in the article.

This ingeniously simple, never go out of fashion, an appetizer served in such the abundance of options of toppings, each time it is perceived as a culinary novelty. We offer as many as 25 options for toppings for stuffing eggs!

Probably everyone at least once in life tried squid today, they can be dried, canned or fresh. But it is important to know how to cook calamari tasty and just so the dish turned out on all 100%!

If you wish to embark on the path of healthy eating, Turkey is the indispensable source of protein and essential amino acids that must be included in your permanent menu. So Turkey menu (simple and delicious) should be your favorites!

New year is the most awaited celebration for every family. In this holiday you always want something original and tasty. Many Housewives try for a few months before the celebration to think carefully about new year’s eve menu, then to spend time with other family members in the festive atmosphere. The coming New year will be no exception.

New year is the most magical and fabulous holiday that people expect with great impatience. Since the beginning of December most Housewives start to think about how to Christmas table 2016 and what should be on the table in this festive night.

Every woman tries to make the New year the best holiday for your family, which means that the feast must be laid out in detail and should start with a festive table. So the menu should not choose the recipes, and review and  about him – only then you will be sure will be a delicious dish or not.

Everyone is waiting for new year something special: some need money, others love and happiness, the third well being, but you can’t always get what you expect from next year. However, every woman can affect your destiny, if you just correctly will lay the Christmas table. Therefore, we offer the best recipes for New year 2016!