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Cuisine and restaurants of Munich

Cuisine and restaurants of Munich

The followers of the various diets recommended to bypass the Bavarian kitchen party. Perhaps gastronomic delights in it not very much, but fans solidly to eat disappointed won’t be. The portion sizes here are not save. As for the food, the Germans learnt a lot from the Italians. Benefit from Bavaria to Italy is not far away.

Hungry guests in Munich offer deep fried pork belly ribs, roasted pork knuckle and potato salad with meatballs “klops”.

Of course, not be without sausages of many varieties and grilled sausage with hot sauce “curry”. The traditional food is quite deservedly considered roast pork with a side dish of sauerkraut, sausages “waywarden” and pretzels “bratze”.

Fans of raw food will be able to appreciate “checkpeer”, which is a salty-spicy raw beef with spices and flavoured with egg.

The Bavarians do not forget about the vegetables that are usually cooked and eaten as a side dish. Different varieties of cabbage, green beans, carrots and beets.

Sandwiches in Germany, too, run. And not only with butter, sausage and cheese, but also with a variety of products – special sandwich the masses, the fish and other things.

A snack is unchanged sausage, vegetable and meat salads and fish. The usual fare is fish, sprats, sardines, herring in various sauces and fish salads.

Entrees submitted by broths and soups. Here and dense soup made from boiled peas, and noodle soup, and broths with egg, rice or dumplings. The basis of soup is often chicken or wild game.

Talking about Germany, it is impossible not to mention the local beer, especially in Bavaria. The most popular are the bright varieties of the drink, such as “Augustinerbrau”, “Lowenbrau”, “Paulaner” and “Spaten”, “Hecker-Pschorr and Hofbrau”.

Well, the drinking of beer is rarely complete without rosy Nuremberg sausages and roast pork, served with potato dumplings.


Lunch in the restaurant of Munich will come out somewhat cheaper than in other German lands. And it would be strange if such food lovers, as the Bavarians, would not find their unique institutions, subject to their pride.

Aloia Dallmayr (Dienerstrasse 14)

On the second floor of this world famous and extremely expensive delicatessen is a restaurant of the same name. Here visitors will be offered a string of the most exotic dishes from different corners of the Earth.

Austernkeller (Stollbergstrasse 11)

This restaurant, located in the heart of Munich, is famous for its seafood cuisine, particularly dishes from the caviar.

Andecher am Dom (Wienstrasse 7a)

From this institution, located in the old town, offers beautiful views of the Cathedral.

In the process of watching picturesque panoramas you can taste a variety of meat dishes.

Frauenteestube (Dreimuhlenstrasse 1)

Café-a tea with this name is located in the southern district of Munich at the intersection with Isarstrasse. The men decided to drink some coffee here, will be somewhat puzzled by hanging at the entrance the sign: “for women Only!”. For the rest of humanity the café is open five days a week, except Wednesday and Saturday.


Fans drink beer Munich will offer a huge selection of pubs. From small and cozy zucchini is the “Kneipp”, to entire complexes of open – air beer gardens “Biergarten”.

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