Two simple recipe of salad every day

Two simple recipe of salad “every day

Guests who appear from out of the blue — the nightmare of every housewife. An urgent need to feed a whole Horde of people, make this the most tasty, unusual, desirable, so original, so the next time your friends are coming onsite for this event, the same dishes that you had put on table today.

Just such an emergency in a special tetradochka or computer data files simple salad recipes that can be quickly made from the minimum set of products, which are always at hand. Only at the first sight seems to create a light snack buffet will suit all that is stored normally in the fridge. Actually, the salads usually requires many ingredients that have been specially purchased for the day of the feast, and sometimes processed for quite a long time. But today we have not the occasion to demonstrate the skills of fine cuisine.

So, we bring you two salads that are simple to implement, do not require additional trips to the store and meet the taste of the average Russian.

Fish salad of canned saury

Always keep in the refrigerator for a jar or two saury or, at worst, sardinella in oil. A normal chicken egg and onion salad is almost ready.

Mash with a fork saury (or pilchards) in a salad bowl. Add two sliced hard-boiled eggs and half a small onion (course chopped). Dress the salad with mayonnaise and serve.

Onions is better to take white — it is not too spicy and you can eat them, for fear Yon slay everyone with his breath. If ordinary onions, before adding to the salad, scald it with boiling water. The bitterness and the smell will disappear.

Rustic potato salad with pickles

Surprisingly simple and delicious salad can be prepared from the foods almost always have on hand. Boiled “in uniform” potatoes (2-3 medium potatoes) peel the skin and cut into cubes. Add chopped cubes of the same pickled cucumbers (salted or 3-4 small pickled cucumbers), chopped onion (remember the tips above for adding onions to salads). You can add 2-3 boiled eggs (finely chopped), but you can do without them. Salad dressed with mayonnaise.

To the taste of the salad was more tender, add in the mayonnaise a tablespoon of sour cream or unsweetened yogurt. However, often do the opposite, — in sour cream or yogurt add a bit of mayonnaise. This dressing lower in calories and more in line with the generally accepted view about healthy eating.