Hot dog and Shawarma

Fast food is a food that is unlikely to be available in expensive restaurants and which is not associated with the style Suite. It was not until until expensive glamorous restaurant in new York did not include hot dogs in their menu.

Only this hotdog is not simple, and the most expensive in the world. He even got in the Guinness Book of records. Record the cost of fast food under the name Serendipity Foot Long Haute Dog $ 69. Hot dog created in glamorous new York restaurant Serendipity 3 in autumn 2010. And now that the dishes included in the menu of a popular institution.

Luxury sandwich a length of 30 cm made of pure beef, grilled in white truffle oil and nested in a German pretzel bun pretzel, again flavoured with truffle oil and foie Gras.

Exclusive sandwich seasoned with very interesting spices: it’s tomato ketchup according to the family recipe Creator hot dog, Dijon mustard black truffle and caramelized onion varieties Vidalia.

Note that the Serendipity 3 restaurant frequented by stars of show business and politics, and its owner Stephen Bruce is not the first time I put world records. So, in 2007, Bruce has teamed up with jewelry company to create Euphoria the world’s most expensive dessert worth 25 thousand dollars. This chocolate sundae was made from 28 of the most expensive and most exotic varieties of cocoa from around the world.

In this ice cream was also added 5 grams of edible 23-Karat gold. In addition, the dish, which was served luxury dessert, and spoon for ice cream were decorated with gold and precious stones.

And in 2009, Serendipity 3 has manufactured the world’s largest Cup of hot chocolate with a volume of 15 liters.

The king of fast food In the UK sell Golden Shawarma for $1 thousand.

Fast food — the food is not for the rich, gourmet restaurants and high prices it has no place. However, this situation may change the world’s most expensive kebab with gold, which cost more than a thousand dollars.

More specifically, the cost of the most expensive kebab in the world — 1 $ 225. For what to pay such money? The dish that received the loud name “the King of kebabs”, consists of scones with saffron, wrapped in the meat of suckling lamb from the Pyrenees, tomatoes “Bullish heart”, two kinds of lettuce and feta cheese.

But that’s not all: in the luxury-Shawarma came in a chilli sauce made from the world’s most expensive chili pepper, high quality olive oil and cucumber yogurt. Served the “King of kebabs” garnished with edible gold leaf and champagne Krug.

Andy Bates, the chef from the UK and Creator of the luxury of fast food, enjoyed every minute of working on their exclusive creation. Cook said that once bought a Shawarma on the street and began to carefully examine the ingredients, wondering how to turn an ordinary street food in a dish of high cuisine.

“King of kebabs” was created in honor of the new season of American reality show the Great Food Truck Race — project on fast food. The participants of the show, which takes place in several U.S. cities, sell fast food, trying to earn as much money as possible and thus to become winners.