Quick and delicious salads
Quick and delicious salads . available from home-cooked seafood is sure to please your family…

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What to cook in the year of the Snake?
What to cook in the year of the Snake? A good hostess thinks about the…

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What to cook in the year of the Snake?

What to cook in the year of the Snake?

A good hostess thinks about the content of its

new year’s table long before the onset of the holiday and wants to stay on

the very highest level. The year coming is the year of the water black

Snake. And it is very harmful and obstinate, so think about how better

to celebrate this year.

Cover new year’s table.

The dominant color of 2013 – black and blue

different shades. Of course, black tablecloth will not put an

discharge blue such as pale blue color. But the experiment with plates

succeed, as you can use black color.

The most important question: what to cook on the table?

First of all, should be present meat dishes, and secondly, all sorts of meats,

thirdly, put on the table a large plate with vegetables and fruit. In General,

make more raw foods or dishes that are freshly cooked.

salads for the New year.

Good new year’s table can not do without

traditional salads, and without any new ideas. The salads are very good

suitable for evening and night snack, as low-calorie and not

cause the feeling of heaviness and discomfort.

The most interesting ideas of salads for 2013.

Some of the principles necessary for conducting

good day: for a Snake, you need to choose fresh food, as canned food

she does not respect; a place of honor on the table is vegetables, herbs, eggs and meat;

the combination of different colors.

Prepare traditional Olivier or herring under

a fur coat is the most pressing issue at the moment. Of course, if You are used to

these salads and really love them, then to deny yourself is not worth it. Just can

to dream a little and slides from an ordinary salad to get something more

original. For example, put meat famous layered salad in the form


An example of a salad in the form of a Snake.

You need: eggs – a couple of pieces, salmon (boiled),

cheese (melted) – 2-3 pieces, potatoes (boiled) – 2-3 pieces, cucumbers,

carrots, greens, olives, and mayonnaise.

Preparation: potatoes and eggs cut into cubes

and mix, there is pink salmon, which you must mash with a fork

and processed cheese grated. The resulting mixture and season with mayonnaise

put in a snake shape on a large platter. Cucumbers can be laid out scales,

olives – eyes and carrot suitable as a decoration and a tongue of a snake. On

the remaining space lay out greens, but more so as this technique will give

the appetizing salad. If you like something more spicy, then add in this salad

garlic or black pepper.

Hot meals are served.

Braised rabbit.

There is a hostess who has long cooked rabbit

on a festive table and each of them has its own and unique recipe

cooking. Even if You are not very experienced hostess and never tried

in cooking rabbit, be sure that this animal is hard to mess up.

Addition to rabbit are: fat (a small slice), carrot, onion, parsley

and salt. It is necessary to cut the carcass into small pieces, roll them in flour and

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