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A quick snack on polenta

A quick snack on polenta.

I really like to do snacks on the polenta – it is delicious and just, and beautiful.

Polenta is combined with many products, so the scope for imagination is not limited by anything.

1. Cook the polenta.

Typically, the ratio of cereals and water is taken as 1:4.

The cooking time depends on the type of cereals, and can be from 1 minute to 40 (read the instructions on the package).

Remind how to pour the polenta into the water:

either to dilute the cereal with a small amount of warm water (take from the total amount according to the recipe 1/4 volume) and pour in boiling

water, or pour all the cereal in cold water and stir until boiling. So you get a smooth porridge without lumps.


stir into hot porridge grated sharp cheese and/or chopped fresh herbs.

2. Any suitable rectangular shape should cover with baking paper or cling film, greased with butter.

The paper should be in size more than shape, and look 2-3 inches with the short sides. This will allow then to get the sheet of polenta from the mold without difficulty.

3. Ready to put the hot polenta into the pan and flatten.

The easiest thing to do, if you put another sheet of paper or film and rolled with a rolling pin.

4. Cooling the polenta to room temperature, cut the mold the desired figures – or just cut with a sharp knife into squares, triangles, etc.

Cutouts can be lubricated with melted butter or olive oil and fry in a skillet for grilled meats, or bake in the oven.

Caviar of dried mushrooms.

1. A handful of mushrooms pour boiling water and leave for 15 minutes.

2. To get the mushrooms and drain the liquid in a tall, narrow glass (preferably), and let stand. All the dirt will settle to the bottom of the net infusion drained carefully from the sediment.

3.Boil the mushrooms in the drained fluid, adding a little salt for 20 minutes, or until they become soft.

4. Mushrooms chopped.

5. One onion finely chop.

6. Dissolve in a pan spoon of butter or pour a good spoon of vegetable oil, brown the onion, add the mushrooms and fry all together until the liquid evaporates.

7. Season mushrooms to taste with salt, ground black pepper and a few drops of vinegar.

Put the mushrooms on the polenta, top with a teaspoon of thick cream (optional).

Caviar fresh tomatoes.

1. From tomatoes to cook fillet: to remove skin, remove seeds.

2. Chopped tomatoes, red sweet onions, fresh Basil, capers.

3. Season eggs with salt, sugar, pepper, olive oil ,balsamic vinegar. Let stand for 30 minutes.

The idea is taken from the magazine Alena .

4. To lay eggs on polenta, top with a slice of Gravlax.

Two more variants of this snack with tomatoes and mushrooms:

Tomatoes and onions are cut relatively coarsely. seasoned pounded in a mortar anchovies, pepper, sugar, vinegar, olive oil.

The stacked polenta slice of baked eggplant on it – tomato salad, all sprinkled with green onions.

For the julienne of fresh mushrooms I cooked the polenta from the base of the tart (dividing by the form for Tartu).


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