The most expensive restaurants in the world
The most expensive restaurants in the world In the glassed-in underwater restaurant serves caviar reef…

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Dumplings and potatoes
Dumplings and potatoes are the most expensive dishes in the world! All those dishes that…

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The most delicious dishes of the world
The most delicious dishes of the world American culinary  has polled its users and compiled…


The most delicious dishes of the world

The most delicious dishes of the world

American culinary  has polled its users and compiled a rating of top 10 most delicious food in the world by the residents of the States and some other English-speaking countries. In order to obtain quick results the survey was conducted online with the conference fee. Nowadays this method is used by many specialized  that conduct online paid surveys on the orders of social services. Now, look what happened a dozen of the most delicious dishes.

Caesar salad – the culinary leader of the rating, raises many questions. As, however, and the whole top of the most delicious dishes.

Many of our countrymen, who are accustomed to beautiful and complex salads, it’s hard to understand why on the first place of the preferences of a larger number of Americans have turned out this salad – simple, chicken breast with croutons and lettuce. In addition, salad is not healthy (that might be a clue!), non-digestible ugly and roughly chopped.

Second place: steak “Diane” — deer meat under spicy wine sauce.

The dish, named after the Roman goddess of hunting, appeared in American restaurants in the mid-twentieth century. Foodies see its advantages in a special taste – the combination of the sweet meat and tart sauce.

In third place — the dessert is “Banana”.

Respondents to the third place of the rating of the most delicious dishes of the world put the chopped bananas. butter, sugar, cinnamon, rum, banana liqueur. The mixture is ignited and pour over vanilla ice cream. By the way, the restaurant Brennans (New Orleans), where he comes from, every year on cooking consumes more than 10 tons of bananas.

The cherry syrup was the fourth, according to the results of the online survey.

The syrup is cooked, uvarivaja cherries in sugar caramel and butter. Use cherry syrup as a rule, for the filing of vanilla ice cream.

Fifth place went to pepper steak.

Again, the recipe is extremely simple. Steak is a normal good piece of meat, covered with peppercorns and repulsed. After – fried in a small amount of oil in a shallow pan: upper crust, and inside a juice. Chop sauced with cream and served hot.

The sixth turned out to be coffee.

To determine more precisely nobody, because coffee exists in numerous variants: with milk, without milk, with chocolate, egg, liqueur, cold water, orange, balm… the List is endless.

Double sirloin steak of beef – Chateaubriand double – in the seventh place of the ranking of the most delicious dishes.

The name of the double steak, thanks to the famous French statesman and writer françois rené, who was also a Vicomte Chateaubriand. Double Chateaubriand is a thick piece of meat weighing 360-400 grams from the middle part of beef fillet. It is fried on the grill with potatoes and served with béarnaise (sauce béarnaise). Usually a portion of meat served with a vegetable side dish for two persons.

Eighth place was for the usual crepes Suzette, but with an unusual orange sauce.

Americans love baking, and, finally, on the ninth place ranking appeared meringue cake.

Fine airy cake is famous for the fact that there is seldom a housewife manages. It is sometimes referred to as the “Decadent cake”.

Tenth place — the steak tartare. Not need way the dish with the French sauce.

Cooking: beats the meat, wrap it in the yolk of boiled eggs mixed with capers, onion, mustard and pepper, fry, put on lettuce, served with grilled toast. Very harmful, but not less tasty.

As mentioned above, the rating is very, very controversial. For example, for some reason it is not mentioned mushrooms in a pot. the most delicious recipes which can be found at  gotovim-v-gorshochke.

In addition, many are probably troubled that the rating of no fat, fried potatoes, pickles, kebabs, fish dishes, okroshka, borsch… herring with onions, pork chop… beshbarmak, spaghetti… pasties, sandwiches with caviar…

In General, tastes differ. They quarrel, fight and swear, as a joke at the time, Chesterton.

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