8 of the most expensive breakfasts in the world

Carlton Jumeirah Hotel

Breakfast at the Jumeirah Carlton Hotel

Five-star hotel in the heart of London offers Breakfast for 39 pounds ($67) in the restaurant Rib Room. Traditional English Breakfast includes steak and bacon, sausages and black pudding, served with egg and grilled vegetables. To come in and try the British Breakfast on the ground floor of Jumeirah Carlton from 7 to 11 a.m. you must pre-reserve a place and to be suitably dressed, as required for hotel.

Cinderella’s Castle in Disney World, ($60+)

Tangberrys Coffee House, Great Britain ($256)

Cafeteria Tangberrys in Western England famous for its sandwich with bacon for Breakfast. The dish includes bacon (pork), truffle, mustard, saffron and an egg all cooked in butter with truffles, seasoned “gold dust” (spray on the basis of the food of gilding), and served in a sliced bun. Part of the cost of the sandwich goes to charity: to Fund children who play Rugby, and the Fund for the rehabilitation of veterans. The owner of the coffee shop Paul Phillips told the publication the daily Mail that each sandwich takes about 15 minutes, it costs expensive, but they will prepare it constantly, while the money from the sale go to charity. The cost of a sandwich three times more than the cost of ingredients, including even the cost of its preparation.

Le Parker Meridien New York ($1000)

The restaurant, Le Parker Meridien in Manhattan served an omelette costing $ 1,000. For that price guests get an omelet of six eggs and lobster meat, all topped with ten ounces of caviar. The restaurant also has a smaller version of the omelet for $ 100. Manager Steven pipes said that since the debut of this dish, which they call “Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata”, the restaurant sold about a dozen large servings and 50 servings for $ 100.

Krispy Kreme, The UK ($1685)

Last spring, in celebration of national doughnut week in the restaurant Krispi Kreme has prepared the most expensive donut in the world. This delicious dish is served with jelly with champagne Dom Perignon and decorated with gold leaf, white chocolate flower, decorated with edible gold and diamonds. Donut got like winning the lottery Claudine Taylor, who said that the dish is too beautiful to eat. In addition, the restaurant donated 10,000 pounds to a charity to help children with head injuries.

Breakfast with the Australian Prime Minister ($10300)

This summer, the one who wanted to have Breakfast with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, had to pay 10300 USD. Unfortunately those who have that kind of money, the proposal was made once in June as part of the 57th annual meeting of the Federal Assembly. In addition to tomorrow with Prime Minister Abbott was still scheduled morning tea at a briefing of the senators and evening tea with chiefs of his staff and the police. Tickets were sold from 1,000 to 12,000 dollars as a charitable contribution.

Breakfast in West end, Breakfast at Tiffany’s ($37600)

A few years ago, the most expensive Breakfast was timed to the premiere of the play “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Created by French company “Chambord” the Breakfast was prepared in honor of the London premiere of the play by the famous novel by Truman Capote. For 22,000 pounds (37600 USD) theater-goers were able to enjoy a feast organized by the company. In the composition of the proposed Breakfast consisted of a croissant, decorated with edible gold and diamonds, as for the drinks the Cup of the coffee variety Kopi Luwak, as well as the famous liqueur “Chambord”. Liquor was served in a gold bottle, encrusted with pearls and diamonds.