A light salad

Salad “Lightness of being”

a light salad . Light salad – a nutritious salad from easy to digest ingredients, dressed with oil, yogurt, sauce or low-fat dressing.

Food has a direct impact on our health. Want to feel the lightness, energy, courage, eat healthy, light food that nourishes the body with nutrients, but not knock out power, leaving only one desire – to lie on the couch. Want to eat and feel comfortable and easy? Forget about heavy, multi-component salads, seasoned with fatty mayonnaise. Actually, the only spoils mayonnaise salad, its benefits and positive impact on health. Will have to do more healthy ingredients – lemon juice, olive oil, quality soy sauce, yogurt, low-fat sour cream, etc.

For salad choose only healthy foods. Discard the sausages and smoked meats, which are often put in salads. Only fresh seafood, vegetables, soft low-fat cheeses, fruits. Do not overdo it with cheese and eggs. Remember that leftover food from the fridge to the healthy products do not apply. All products must be fresh. For the same reason, don’t need to cook much – it’s always better to make and eat a fresh salad than to think that yesterday will also help to strengthen health. In this salad neither vitamins, nor freshness.

Also important is the way machining products. If you are preparing a salad with fish, there is no need to fry – better put out or cook. The same goes for chicken, if you decide to make a salad with filet. Vegetables for light salads are taken in fresh form. They simply wash and slice. Therefore, light salads – salads are quick. Healthy food can save time! It is a pity that fast food lovers don’t know about it!

Separately should talk about salt, which is the provocateur of heart disease, inhibits the removal of fluids from the body and enhances the appetite. Add the salt in a minimal amount – only this salad is light and diet.

Enhance the flavor of light salad, which may seem a little bland, it is possible using properly selected spices. Good options include coriander, cinnamon, ginger and, of course, black pepper. Spices not only enrich the taste, but also burn fat. The feeling of lightness will increase with each passing day! Many blame it on the spices that excite the appetite. If you feel hungry, just eat a few extra spoons of the salad, because it is very low in calories. Compared with any salad, mayonnaise, diet salad – a feather!