The original Christmas recipes salads
The most famous new year salad, of course, Olivier. But, because tradition is good because you can adjust and diversify. Salads are an indispensable ingredient of any holiday table. Instead…

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Salad "Melancholy" Salad Tosca Salad "Melancholy".Very tasty salad with mushrooms and chicken,perfectly complement your festive menu.The name of the salad has received from popular Italian Opera"Tosca"by Giacomo Puccini. Ingredients: 1.…

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Smoked fish and meat
Business idea – smoked meat and fish No other food does not have available such number of useful (healthy) properties with a variety of minerals and vitamins, such as meat…


Hot on New year

Hot meals on new year’s table are essential items, so their selection should be approached with great care. Most often, such food is basic, and given the huge selection with various prescription options, the hostess always try to surprise your guests with originality and uniqueness of the dishes.

We have 4 unusual and very tasty recipe hot on New year’s day 2016 . I hope You enjoy them and underneath them will be appreciated by all guests.


Lamb on the bone, homemade

This dish is not difficult to cook, but its aroma and flavour will delight you and your guests at the holiday table.


Garlic 2 cloves;

Loin of lamb 800 gr.

Broth 60 ml.

Red wine 100 ml.

Parsley 1 bunch;

Mint jelly 4 tbsp.

Vegetable oil

Chopped mint 1 tbsp


Ground black pepper

The meat is thoroughly washed under cold water and Pat dry with paper towels. Then with a sharp knife to cut along the line of ribs and rinsed again. Then dry and RUB with salt and black pepper.

Rinse and finely chop the mint, put the meat. Add to the meat 2 tbsp vegetable oil, well – mix and refrigerate for an hour. Peel and wash the garlic, squeeze it on a heated over medium heat the pan with vegetable oil. Fry it for 3 minutes, until it becomes Golden brown.

There then put mutton and fry it from both sides for 8 minutes. Meat must be fully prepared. Remove it to a plate and leave the pan on the stove.

In oil that remains after frying, pour the wine, broth, sprinkle finely pasynkovaniya greens, mint jelly, sprinkle with salt and pepper, fire diminish to a minimum. Then bring the sauce to a boil, stirring. You need to cook until the sauce becomes thick.

Put the meat on a beautiful dish, pour the sauce and serve it hot with garnish.

Potatoes with pork, cooked in the oven

Vegetable dishes with meat always turn out very tasty and tender.

Ingredients to prepare:

Pork 0.5 kg.

Potatoes 1.5 kg.

Onions 1 PC.

Soy sauce 1 tbsp

Cream 40% 250 ml.

3 garlic cloves;

Bay leaf 1 PC.

Cheese 100 gr.

Fresh chopped dill ¼ Cup;


Salt ½ tbsp.

Vegetable oil

Potatoes cleaned, washed, cut into 4 pieces, put them into the pot, pour water and put on fire. When the water boils, add salt, Bay leaf. Cook for 15 minutes. The potatoes need to boil. Rinse pork and cut into cubes, measuring about 2 cm in the Pan, put on medium heat, preheat, add oil and put meat in there. It should fry for about 5 minutes, then pour soy sauce and cook another 4 minutes.

The meat is put into an empty plate. Now you need the pan to squeeze out the peeled garlic, mix it and fry until Golden brown. Onions, peel, wash, cut into small cubes and fry it until Golden brown. RUB cheese on a grater.

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