Serves pike
Dishes made from pike: recipes super-hostess Your ability to cook a pike on zamudreno recipe slay him on the spot: on a fishing trip he'll stay for a bit. The…

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Serves pike

Dishes made from pike: recipes super-hostess

Your ability to cook a pike on zamudreno recipe slay him on the spot: on a fishing trip he’ll stay for a bit.

The recipe serves pike from No. 1. Pike with mint grilled

A dish of pike in this recipe and it sounds and looks spectacular and even somewhat elegant. And is prepared in no time.

Obvious plus of the recipe of this dish is that the pike will not exude a specific unpleasant smell, which happens when frying, because we will send it on the grill.

For this dish it is recommended to take a small young pike. At least that went in the oven. Actually, the smaller pike, the softer it will be and the more saturated by the aromas of mint and other herbs.

Cleanse the pike from the scales and gut them. RUB inside and out with salt and pepper and leave to marinate for an hour.

Mix in a bowl the butter, lemon juice, sour cream and finely chopped mint. RUB this mixture of fish from all sides and send them on the grill. Don’t forget to turn in the cooking process!

The dish on this recipe is very tasty serve with a dry white wine.

Recipe from pike No. 2. Roll of young pike with mushrooms

Original and very tender, this dish of pike in our recipe is perfect for a romantic dinner or a festive table. The only negative – a bit too high-calorie it.

Again you will need young pike. Peel them and cut each along so that one piece was the head, the other the tail. Well, for beauty.

Pour vinegar and black pepper and leave for a couple of hours – the vinegar in the dish for this recipe is meant to soften the fish and neutralize the smell during frying.

In a bowl soak roll in milk, add a little sour cream, onions and garlic. We think that delicious and tomatoes are where it’s at. Blend all in a blender, slowly introducing the egg.

Now add to this mixture finely (very finely!) chopped mushrooms. If the paste seems too runny, you can sprinkle a bit of semolina.

Now for the food it is the most difficult moment for the whole recipe: it is necessary to smear the paste on fish carcasses and roll them so that the proverbial tail and head remained outside. Now I understood why we did that?

Staple rolls wooden skewers and obzharivaya in vegetable oil until tender. Serve a dish of pike in this recipe is best with steamed rice – it neutralizes and absorbs the fat.

The recipe for a dish of pike is No. 3. Pike cutlets in Italian

It’s not an easy meatballs from the canteen: for this recipe, the dish will turn out tender, juicy and with a surprise inside.

Pike carcasses, previously cleaned of all bones and viscera, premoli in a meat grinder. 2/3 pike add 1/3 lard.

Now add in the minced egg, a bit of semolina, onion, pepper, salt. Pour a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice.

Now is the most important. Mold the patties, and in the middle of each put one olive or olive tree. Roll in bread crumbs and roast. Bring a dish from pike to our own recipe with fresh vegetables.

Fish can be cooked so many easy, healthy and tasty dishes. Try to cook tuna dishes on our article “Fish day”. many of which are so simple that will even your man.

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