Decoration of Christmas food in the form of fir

Decoration of the Christmas snacks

Let’s start with appetizers. Most interesting Christmas meals is snacks. For example, for losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle, you can cook this vegetable plate broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, sweet pepper, put it in the form of spruce and decorated accordingly. The trunk of the tree making salt from straw, and to make it tastier, make the sauce of sour cream, yogurt, garlic and herbs.

The second option snacks in the form of spruce is a Christmas cheese plate. Several types of cheese cut into small cubes and spread with tomato herringbone. Complemented by sprigs of tarragon. Star can be cut from sweet pepper or, fresh mushroom champignon.

Pizza and snacks of pita bread too can take its rightful place among festive snacks. After making a new year dishes made of dough is also very delight of the youngest members of the family. For example, you can lubricate the thick round pita bread with sauce, e.g. pasta made of avocado and mayonnaise with herbs, cut into triangles, decorate with a garland of slices of sweet pepper. Instead of the barrel you can stick a piece of biscuit-sticks.

If you decided to bake for New year pizza, choose toppings instead of green spinach, put it over the cheese and tomato sauce, add slices of pepper and “snow” made of soft cheese. From brown cut the leg, you still have this part of the pizza is often not eat.

Habitual mashed potatoes can be served in the form of a Christmas tree, squeezed from cooking bag on a baking sheet. In every Christmas tree before baking insert the asterisk in pepper, you need to cut with the stalk.

The Christmas tree can be made out of sushi, by the way, for many families in our country, the preparation of sushi for the new year has become a tradition. This tree lay horizontally on a flat dish and vertically.

Decoration Christmas fruit desserts

There are many recipes for Christmas cookies and gingerbreads of different shapes, which you can decorate with icing and cream. But the most interesting Christmas dishes that can be put in the form of eat is fruit desserts. And after a hearty sweet table don’t usually feel like it is of light fruits.

For desserts, we need all sorts of fruits and berries: apples, pears, tangerines, kiwi, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, melon.

For example, put the center of the berries in the shape of a triangle, as do sprigs of Apple slices. Leg – from slices of cake or chocolate. Followed by a pot of grapes. This herringbone flat.

To do the spruce and high volume, we need special foam cone and skewer. We’ll stick to berries and fruit pieces, and the bottom will “disguise” the cilantro.

Decoration of Christmas food is a mandatory tradition of this festival. So look for interesting design ideas and make happy home. Delicious New year to you!