The most delicious dishes of Thailand

The most delicious dishes of Thailand

Want to learn to cook Thai? You definitely need to visit the land of smiles and to try dishes of national cuisine. It is considered one of the best in the world, and you will certainly replenish the Treasury of their own recipes. Some dishes are very simple.

Phuket hotels near Phuket Aquarium located next to restaurants that serves great Tom Yam. It is the pride of the country and national soup. Almost like borsch and shchi. It is based on coconut milk and vegetable broth. The rest of the ingredients – garlic, prawns, peppers (Chile), galangal (necessarily fresh), ginger root, lemongrass and sesame oil. The soup is very tasty, but very spicy. If you are not ready for the test or can’t stand too spicy food, just taste the dish to understand flavors.

Fried rice noodles Pad Thai – a dish that can eat absolutely every traveler. Its ingredients are familiar and easy. It is rice noodles (fried in olive oil), bean sprouts, fish sauce (very popular in the country), eggs. Seasoning is vinegar, salt, pepper and garlic. Additional components often serve seafood, chicken or roast slices of bacon. Before serving, you should sprinkle noodles with chopped peanuts.

Hotels near Phuket butterfly Garden and the world insects in Phuket is located near several restaurants, serving tender and juicy white fish in palm leaves. It is to be made in salt and baked over an open fire. Thai cooks use food fish that even a few minutes before cooking is floating. Besides salt use other spices that give white meat a delicious taste. As a side dish served rice noodles or crisp white rice.

Salad Som Tam lovers of spicy dishes. It consists of papaya, carrots, beans and roasted peanuts. All the ingredients are thoroughly ground in a special mortar and pour the sauce. Som Tam is often served with shrimp or crab meat. This Thai salad is in the top of the most delicious dishes of the world.

Love sweets? Then you will love coconut ice cream. No, it is not prepared from the fruit of the coconut, this is the usual balls of ice cream, pour sweet sauce. A treat sprinkled marmalade, fried rice or sweet jams. The serve is only in half of a coconut, which definitely saved tender flesh.

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