Meat salads

Meat salads — your favorite dish! Plain and delicious recipes.

Meat salads – this is a great solution for organizing a quick snack or surprise guests with unique, original dish. This, among the dishes, , which includes dishes that are cooked from various kinds of vegetables, fruits, meat, greens.

Meat salads – your favorite dish!

Salads with meat are very popular due to its high nutritional value and excellent taste. As is known, no New year is not complete without salad Olivier. This delicious Christmas dish is almost indispensable attribute of this fun holiday. Vegetable salad with mushrooms and meat – very tasty and nourishing dish that will decorate your table as festive and everyday.

When this dish of lean veal and poultry are diet. And salads made with poultry or rabbit meat, possess certain medicinal properties. For cooking meat salads, you can use any meat: lamb, beef, poultry, pork. Also, meat products – ham, salami, sausages, various meat products. For example: lungs, heart, kidneys. A perfect addition to the salad would be asparagus, mushrooms, cheese or pasta. Meat before adding to the salad, stewed, boiled, fried, or baked.

Salad “Olivier” – a favorite dish of my husband. One of the most popular salads at any celebration in the CIS. It is striking in its simplicity and solemnity. What’s a party without salad “Olivier”. It is clear that no. So what he’s a classic recipe favorite salad “Olivier”.

Recipe of beef salad

Ingredients for beef salad:

mayonnaise – 250 g; boiled eggs – 8 PCs.; pickled cucumbers – 250 g; medium boiled potatoes – 7 PCs.; boiled carrot – 1 PC.; boiled sausage (preferably doctoral) – 350 – 400 g; green peas – 250 g; to taste pepper, onion and salt.


Take about the same amount of all components of the salad, the sausage can be a little more. Who likes a salad with carrot – add 1 carrot, it will give the salad a festivity and brightness. Take cucumbers not very sour. Potatoes, it is desirable to take that less just fall apart. The amount of mayonnaise is an individual matter. Someone wants more, one wants less.

Chop all the ingredients for salad into cubes and put them in an enamel bowl. Put the bowl in the fridge.

The salad is in the fridge to store a couple of days, if you don’t add mayonnaise. Mayonnaise it is best to add just before serving, divide the salad into pieces. Add the mayonnaise is a matter of seconds. And the salad is always fresh.