Salad “Melancholy”

Salad Tosca Salad “Melancholy”.Very tasty salad with mushrooms and chicken,perfectly complement your festive menu.The name of the salad has received from popular Italian Opera”Tosca”by Giacomo Puccini. Ingredients: 1. Boiled chicken breast 2. Two large solid tomatoes 3. Russian cheese grated 4 two hundred grams. One young onion 5. Fresh mushrooms 6 two hundred grams. Mayonnaise, salt to taste, olive oil for frying

Salad “The Nest”

Salad “the Nest” Ingredients: — cucumber — 1 PC. — chicken fillet — 200 g — mushrooms — 200 g — 1 medium onion — egg — 2 PCs — cheese — 100 g — Rast.butter Chicken boil, cut into small cubes. Mushrooms cut in small pieces, onions finely chop. Fry in a small amount

Salad “Tiffany”

Salad “Tiffany” Ingredients: Chicken fillet-2 PCs Eggs-3 PCs cheese-100-150g. Walnuts-0.5 cups Grapes-300-400 gr. Curry is 1-3 teaspoons Lemon Mayonnaise Preparation: Chicken washed, cut into small pieces, not more than 1 cm Often after roasting fillet becomes dry. So I will marinade the sliced pieces in lemon juice. Squeeze half a lemon and mix well. Leave at least half an hour. To cut

Salad “Bonaparte”

Salad “Napoleon” Ingredients: 500 g fresh mushrooms 500 g chicken fillet 500 g carrots 300 g cheese 4 boiled eggs 2 pieces of potato 2 PCs onion 2 packages of mayonnaise Preparation: Mushrooms cut, fry on a small amount of vegetable oil, pepper and salt. Carrots to RUB on a grater, fry until cooked, add salt. Chicken fillet boil until cooked in salted

9 recipes beautiful salads for the New Year

9 recipes beautiful salads for the New Year Classic salad of cod liver With cod liver there are already a lot of salads, but the dish this recipe can be considered a classic. If so, where to start to discover new flavors, the salad. Ingredients: 1 jar of cod liver 2 potatoes 2 eggs 1 onion 2 tbsp.

Salad with crab sticks — BEES

The king of salads! Extremely delicious! Salad with crab sticks — the BEES Spread the salad layers: 1layer-crab sticks 250 gr, 2 layer-green onions, Salad with crab sticks — BEES 3 layer-fresh cucumber 2 pieces, 4 layer-grated yolk 2 PCs, 5 layer-corn 1 jar. 6 layer — grated proteins. Delight, surprise and well-fed

Salad Maple leaf

Salad Maple leaf Original design of the salad will decorate any holiday table! Ingredients: potatoes 3 pieces chicken liver 200 g carrots 2 pieces cheese onion 150g mayonnaise eggs 3 pieces make delicious salad: Grate all the vegetables on a coarse grater. Unusual lay out the salad layers: 1 layer. Chicken liver fried with onions. 2 layer. Boiled potatoes.