Dumplings and potatoes
Dumplings and potatoes are the most expensive dishes in the world! All those dishes that are the most expensive in the world, consist of foods that either grow in unusual…

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Decoration of dishes
Decorating new year table Decorating the Christmas table can be a little headache. Of course, the main decoration of the table are the dishes themselves. On the other hand, the…

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Salad “Melancholy”

Salad Tosca Salad “Melancholy”.Very tasty salad with mushrooms and chicken,perfectly complement your festive menu.The name of the salad has received from popular Italian Opera”Tosca”by Giacomo Puccini. Ingredients: 1. Boiled chicken breast 2. Two large solid tomatoes 3. Russian cheese grated 4 two hundred grams. One young onion 5. Fresh mushrooms 6 two hundred grams. Mayonnaise, salt to taste, olive oil for frying

Salad “The Nest”

Salad “the Nest” Ingredients: — cucumber — 1 PC. — chicken fillet — 200 g — mushrooms — 200 g — 1 medium onion — egg — 2 PCs — cheese — 100 g — Rast.butter Chicken boil, cut into small cubes. Mushrooms cut in small pieces, onions finely chop. Fry in a small amount

Salad “Tiffany”

Salad “Tiffany” Ingredients: Chicken fillet-2 PCs Eggs-3 PCs cheese-100-150g. Walnuts-0.5 cups Grapes-300-400 gr. Curry is 1-3 teaspoons Lemon Mayonnaise Preparation: Chicken washed, cut into small pieces, not more than 1 cm Often after roasting fillet becomes dry. So I will marinade the sliced pieces in lemon juice. Squeeze half a lemon and mix well. Leave at least half an hour. To cut

Salad “Bonaparte”

Salad “Napoleon” Ingredients: 500 g fresh mushrooms 500 g chicken fillet 500 g carrots 300 g cheese 4 boiled eggs 2 pieces of potato 2 PCs onion 2 packages of mayonnaise Preparation: Mushrooms cut, fry on a small amount of vegetable oil, pepper and salt. Carrots to RUB on a grater, fry until cooked, add salt. Chicken fillet boil until cooked in salted

9 recipes beautiful salads for the New Year

9 recipes beautiful salads for the New Year Classic salad of cod liver With cod liver there are already a lot of salads, but the dish this recipe can be considered a classic. If so, where to start to discover new flavors, the salad. Ingredients: 1 jar of cod liver 2 potatoes 2 eggs 1 onion 2 tbsp.

Salad with crab sticks — BEES

The king of salads! Extremely delicious! Salad with crab sticks — the BEES Spread the salad layers: 1layer-crab sticks 250 gr, 2 layer-green onions, Salad with crab sticks — BEES 3 layer-fresh cucumber 2 pieces, 4 layer-grated yolk 2 PCs, 5 layer-corn 1 jar. 6 layer — grated proteins. Delight, surprise and well-fed

Salad Maple leaf

Salad Maple leaf Original design of the salad will decorate any holiday table! Ingredients: potatoes 3 pieces chicken liver 200 g carrots 2 pieces cheese onion 150g mayonnaise eggs 3 pieces make delicious salad: Grate all the vegetables on a coarse grater. Unusual lay out the salad layers: 1 layer. Chicken liver fried with onions. 2 layer. Boiled potatoes.