The most delicious scrambled eggs in the world

One would think that such eggs. Hot pan, bit of oil and seasoned with salt, two eggs. Oh, no! Echnica is the art, inspiration filled morning hunger and of course quick and cheap food available to everyone.

In recent years, eggs have become so versatile dish that can be added (served with it) not only tomatoes but also cheese, bacon, sausage, fried meat, mushrooms, onion, stewed vegetables and more in different combinations and variants.

Today, egg dishes make up the national pride of many countries. Our Kitchen gathered the best dishes that are cooked in different countries of the world and which can be attributed to the category of “fried eggs”, from the Israeli shakshuka to the Norwegian omelette.

1. Shakshouka

Shakshouka — a dish of eggs fried in a sauce of tomatoes, hot peppers, onions and seasonings. Shakshouka is a much more than scrambled eggs with tomatoes is a whole layer of Israeli cuisine that has many variations. Despite the fact that it appeared in North Africa, this recognition shakshouka conquered the Jewish lands. There it is eaten for Breakfast, lunch, but in any case not for dinner. It is a tradition, but outside of Israel no one will stop eating shakshuka, even at night. Recipes shakshuka there are many, but the principle remains — eggs fried in a special tomato sauce and pepper.

2. Fritatta

Frittata — Italian omelet, which is cooked with fillings of cheese, vegetables, sausage or meat. Usually a Frittata is fried on the stove, then bring to readiness in the oven. Neapolitan Frittata is often cooked with pasta. A traditional peasant Frittata contains leeks and Parmesan cheese. In a Frittata are not added to foods that contain large amount of liquid. For example, if you want to add tomatoes, their first to be cut, get rid of the seeds and liquid, then allow to ripen in a dry place 15-30 minutes, and only after that to use for cooking. Today, the Italian Frittata is cooked in a frying pan with two handles, specially designed for this dish.

3. Poached

4. Orsini

5. Kokot

6. Norwegian omelette

From the usual omelette, Norwegian recipe features the original combination of salted fish and lightly fried eggs with onions. The combination is so popular among Scandinavians that rare Breakfast is complete without fish and eggs.

7. Tortilla

Tortilla de patat, Spanish omelette, Spanish tortilla, a potato omelette. There are many theories about the origin of this very popular Spanish dishes. One legend says that the author of the recipe was General Thomas Zumalacarregui that during the siege of Bilbao, invented the omelette as a simple, fast and nutritious dish to satisfy the food difficulties carlistas army. On another view, the tortilla first made an anonymous housewife from Navarra, whose house is by chance above General stopped for the night. The woman was very poor and besides eggs, potatoes and onions she had nothing, had to improvise — General was pleased and gave the recipe for army cooks.