The most expensive restaurants in the world

There are business that profit is almost as high as real estate, as well as sales of gold and oil. It has been estimated that on food on average, people spend about 1 thousand billion dollars. a year. Therefore, the restaurant business can bring fabulous profits. It is difficult to imagine such a sum of money, even if it accumulates for a year. It is a real “goldmine”, because to eat, people will always and at all times. Leaders in the conduct of the business are the U.S., followed by Europe and then Asia.

To compile the top five most expensive restaurants in the world was required to take 25 large cities outside of the United States of America and conduct the survey using specialized survey organizations. There were difficulties, to identify the most expensive restaurant failed. Therefore, Russia and the CIS countries did not participate in the study and the selection of leaders. It was decided to focus on Europe and America. Prices are for average meal per person or the cost of certain meals from the restaurant menu. All of the restaurants complied with the condition to enjoy one drink without alcohol and leave the waiter a tip at their discretion.

First place is the restaurant “Aragva”, located in Tokyo, which at the moment a price leader. The price per serving of steak – 368 dollars. The restaurant enforced a dress code. Access to the restaurant is possible only in expensive proprietary business or evening clothes, and women visit such places – a reason to buy jewelry and articles of natural pearls. to look brilliantly. The design of the restaurant is incredible, the quality of service is not to be desired. The kitchen is gorgeous, all the dishes prepared by masters of cooking art.

In the second place a beautiful and elegant restaurant in Paris “Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee”. The average cost of serving signature dishes here is $ 231 USD. One look at the interior of the restaurant halls is said that the prices here are very “decent”.

Third place – London restaurant “Gordon Ramsay” . The name of the restaurant obliged the English to the chef, which was one of its founders. The restaurant welcomes visitors and maintains them at a high level since 1998. This place immediately became popular and still is the best and expensive, thanks to the great cuisine, interesting design and excellent service. The average price for dishes for dinner here 183 USD.

Fourth place at the restaurant “Acquarello”, which is located in Munich. The unusual design of the restaurant and bold in its combination of original dishes like visitors. Dinner is $ 125.