What can you cook pork head

What can you cook pork head

Pig’s head for many has a mixed meaning. All because, on the one hand, this part of the pork carcasses is rather unsightly and to some extent even frightening, but at the same time from all meat treats pigs, this part is the most delicious. Pork head prefer even the most sophisticated gourmets and connoisseurs of meat. This byproduct is rich in natural vitamins and minerals, as well as the complex of macro-and micronutrients. Nutrient and caloric values of everything that can be made from pig’s head is not only delicious, but also satisfying.

Pork head

The pig’s head, which is sold in meat markets, has no tongue, brains, ears and sides, the main part is meat head. It should fresh and clean, without any signs of spoilage or odors. The by-product is used in steamed, simmered or aspic. In Russia, stuffed pig’s head was a solid card options. Today, out of the head make the stew, cook jellied meat or make meat rolls, saltison.

Detailed recipes: saltisons and not only

In many cookbooks and on the Internet offered many options that can be made from pork head. Many city dwellers don’t know what to do with the head and which side to approach her. Often in butcher’s shops you may encounter the same name as saltisons, but this dish also you can prepare at home.

The main ingredient is the head itself, as well as ground pepper or peas, Bay leaf, salt if desired and garlic.

First you need to thoroughly wash the byproduct, and then chopped into pieces and put into water.

When the meat will get wet and turns white, the water must be changed.

This should be done until then, until the liquid is transparent, only then can you put the pieces to cook.

When the water starts to boil, you need to collect the foam and screwed the gas, add salt and let boil for 6 hours.

Before the end add the Bay leaf and the pepper, then pull all the parts of the head, allow to cool and separate the meat and fat from bones.

All this mix well, add pepper and place in cheesecloth, tie it tight and leave it under load until fully hardened.

As they harden remove the meat from the cheesecloth, place on a plate and can be safely eaten.

From what can be made from pig’s heads can also stew, which is a very convenient meat product. Although tinned meat you can buy in any store, some prefer to cook it yourself.

To do this, use any meat, but to minimize costs you can use a pig’s head. The stew is prepared on the principle of saltison, only cooked meat mixed with broth and piled up in banks and poured on top with melted fat. After that filled jars should be sterilized for 15 minutes, roll and flip. In the future, it can safely be used for both first and second courses. You will get tasty and ecologically clean product.