The most delicious “street” meals of peace


Banh mi, Vietnam travel Guide Lonely Planet is the most delicious food that you can buy on the street – The World’s Best Street Food. Specialist Richard Johnson Guardian is where you can taste food with “persons of peace” in the UK.

Burma – Mohinga

In Burma the most popular dish, which can be purchased at the kiosk on the street is Mohinga soup exclusive ingredients. Mohinga is available to buy on the streets of any city of Burma. In Rangoon the main “eat street” of the city is Myaung Mya Daw Cho. In the UK the Burmese soup and other national dishes you can try in The Mandalay restaurant in London.

Banh mi is the best sandwich in the world – better than in Rome, Copenhagen or new York and you can buy it on the streets of Vietnam. A fresh baguette, with pork or chicken, local spices and sauce and pepperoni, and mayonnaise if you wish. In the UK the famous sandwiches and not only, you can try on London’s Broadway market, where Vietnamese dishes are nationals of Hanoi friends Anne and van.

India. New Delhi – Daulat ki chaat

Daulat ki chaat is a sweet dessert, kind of airy milk pudding with pistachios and saffron important. In the UK you can try in Leeds in Manjit”s Kitchen

Thailand Is Phat Kaphrao

Phat Kaphrao is meat or seafood fried in sauce with spices, garlic, Chile pepper, served with rice or fried eggs. In the UK, the dish can be tasted in chef Jackie Kearney, finalist cooking show MasterChef 2011 and Creator of restaurant in Manchester thehungrygecko only here the presented dish in vegetarian form.

Burek on the streets of Bosnia and Herzegovina conventional foods: tortilla with meat, spinach, cheese and seasonings. In Leeds serves Burek in Moorish Feasts

Sfenj can be compared with a French croissant, a traditional delicacy, which is eaten morning and evening – deep-fried “colicy” of dough. In Moorish Feasts in Glastonbury, you can try the Eastern treat, the school was named the best in the region.

South Africa – Walkie-talkies

Walkie-talkies is grilled chicken feet.

In East Yorkshire in Keighley there is a restaurant serving African cuisine Hazvineyi Mapungwana of Shekinah African Food .

Tamales – rolls of leaf of corn with chicken or pork with spices and salsa sauce. In London tamales served in London’s Flaming Cactus , this summer will be held gastronomic festival with tamales and other dishes.

Ghana – Red Red

Red Red – hot, sweet and spicy dish at the same time. Red bean with banana thumbs up: d (red palm oil), which has a nutty taste, with garlic and or pepper. In London the dish is served in Adwoa Hagan-Mensah

Currywurst sausage in spicy tomato sauce, many people prefer with Indian spices and potatoes, white bread… In the UK meals are served in many restaurants German cuisine.