National cuisine of Germany

National cuisine of Germany

If you come to Germany and want to eat, make sure you visit the cafe with national kitchen. Food in Germany is very hearty and delicious, and every tourist who have visited here will say that the food here is just awesome to taste.

The aromas wafting from the kitchen paint a picture of calm and tranquility, and even if you are tired or nervous, all the stress will instantly disappear as soon as you will feel the aroma of the roasted meat. The locals just loved their dishes, much as I love German food the tourists, it’s indescribable. Very fertile land of Germany to feed the Germans the most pure and delicious products. When cooking is done the Germans, they give her all of himself, soul and senses, this dish tastes even better. Culinary masterpieces, the Germans called the beautiful name ” Schmankerl “. Even when yourself speak that word, already feel the aroma of delicious dishes. In Germany on every corner you can find a decent restaurant, where the best chefs of the country, preparing the most delicious dishes. Cuisine in Germany is very diverse, and the prices are not same, so here you can find a restaurant you like and can afford.

Let’s talk about the national dishes of Germany .

In pubs and restaurants in Bavaria guests meet home-cooked delicious dishes. If you visit at least once in one of the cafe Bavaria, Germany you go will not want. Be sure to order the pork, which is fried until crispy Golden brown . Also try the delicious white sausage . which includes a sweet mustard and pretzels. Such a dinner you will remember for a lifetime, and will swallow drooling at every memory of him. Temple called “Waging am see” greets its guests with delicious duck and dumplings that are made from preteenage test.

Franconia makes the most delicious sausages . they cook very long and thin, and fried on open fire. But in Nuremberg serves the most delicious fragrant gingerbread . When Christmas comes, the world will be cooked in every family, it is the national dish. Be sure to try the Franconian wine . here it is famous for mellow tart taste. In the town of Baden-württemberg prepare delicious soups with pancakes . and what are cooking pasta, just yum. In the town of the black forest you will find aromatic smoked hams . that it is famous for the entire city. Here you can also find vodka, which will be crystal clear for presentation to the light, and still here preparing a delicious wine, which having tasted, you will not feel like a German.

In the town of Hesse, the most delicious sauce in the world . it is green and has a nice sweet flavor, just loved it at the time of Goethe. This sauce is prepared according to an old German recipe, it consists of nine different herbs. In the town of Rhine, you should definitely try them marinated beef . as well as a very tasty potato salad . Here I like to cook pancakes made of potatoes and sauce, which includes some apples.

In Cologne on the feast of the Nativity all Housewives prepare biscuits with almonds . called Spekulatius . In the town of Westphal serves delicious dishes of meat and the most flavorful cakes in the world. In Bremen on the cabbage side dish often served stewed . On the shores of the seas you will find a lot of restaurants where the main dish is fish. In a town called lübeck serves delicious marzipan .

Now, I think you’ve seen that kitchen in Germany is very diverse and tasty. Many of the dishes in it borrowed from other countries of Europe and altered to your taste.