Recipes harvesting vegetable salads for the winter


Salads, like many other preparations for the winter . are already ready-to-eat cold snacks. They bring variety in our diet cause the appetite and improve digestion. Storage at home for a long period of time ideal with salads containing vinegar, tomatoes, citric acid or tomato fill. They can be Packed in glass containers and sterilized. Raw materials for their preparation should be fresh, with no signs of decay, not stale. Salad twist in the winter serve as a snack, a great side dish to meat and fish dishes.

Stocking up for the winter cucumber salad with onions and garlic.

Cucumbers cut into slices thickness of 1 cm. Garlic peel and cut lengthwise into 4 pieces. Small size onions cut into rings 0.5 cm thick dill and parsley finely chop. All the vegetables, salt mix well. At the bottom of each half-liter jar put 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and a few grains pepper, vinegar 9% incomplete tablespoon. Then fill with the mixture and top up with cold boiled water to the banks of a coat hanger. Sterilize 0,5 litre containers 12 minutes (20 liter).

In banks with a volume of half a liter to put in a few beans peppers (sweet and bitter), sliced cucumbers, onion, shredded dill, Bay leaf. To each add half a teaspoon sugar, ¾ teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon 9% vinegar, Bay leaf. Billet pour boiling water, cover with lids and let stand for 20 minutes. Then sterilize Nijinsky salad 10 minutes. Spinning.

Twist on winter – salad “bila Tserkva”.

Cabbage and peppers cut into chips of a width of 0.5 cm. Carrots to grate (Korean chips) coarsely, to problanshirovat in boiling water 8-10 minutes and immediately cool in cold water. Onion cut into half rings chopped vegetables are a good grind of salt and put on 15 minutes that separated the juice. Then add the vinegar ( but better to take the amount to taste). In each jar place the Bay leaf, allspice, cloves to taste, pour a little vegetable ( 90 grams) and put the vegetables. The remaining juice to pour over the banks. Sterilize liter jars 30 minutes, a half-liter 20.

10 liter jars will need about 6.5 kg of cabbage, sweet pepper color 2.4 kg of carrots 2 kg of onions 1.5 kg of salt about 200 grams ( a taste), vinegar 9% up to 400 grams( focus on the taste, we taste, that was not sour), vegetable oil 900 grams, allspice, Bay leaf, cloves as desired.

Seaming for the winter vegetable salad “Autumn”.

5 kg green tomatoes 1 kg onions, 1 kg pepper salad, carrots 1 kg, vegetable oil 250 grams, sugar 100 grams of vinegar 9% 250 grams.